London – The published Terms of Reference (ToRs) for the upcoming Independent Review of PREVENT have confirmed that the entire process is geared towards providing a face lift to this toxic policy. 

Lord Carlile’s letter to the Guardian in response to criticism underlines that engagement with the review will only legitimise a toxic policy that is designed to target and oppress Muslim communities in the main . 

Cerie Bullivant spokesperson for CAGE said:

“The published terms of reference for the Prevent review make clear that it will be a PR exercise intended to censor the voices and experiences of those facing the brunt of this toxic policy.”

“We call upon civil society to reconsider any value of engagement with the review process, to rethink what it means to respond to the problem of violence and reconceptualise how as a society, we can live together without the need of a security state bearing down on our rights and freedoms.”

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