London –  Sajid Javid’s gratuitous mention of CAGE during his speech at the CCE ‘findings’ launch is an attempt to deflect the public from the abject failure of the CCE to produce anything substantive beyond a highly questionable survey in the 18 months since its Sara Khan’s appointment. 

The CCE is eroding the longstanding British tradition of dissent, and enabling power to shape a broad and subjective definition of “extremism” that can be weaponised against a wide spectrum of detractors.

 CAGE spokesperson Cerie Bullivant said:

“Sajid Javid’s gratuitous mention of CAGE is an opportunistic deflection and dog whistle that has absolutely no impact on our work. Only yesterday his government enshrined impunity for torturers while CAGE represents and demands justice for the survivors of this abuse.”

“By diverting public attention away from the abject failure of the CCE, Javid chose to praise the bigoted Nigel Farage and demonstrated he cannot understand, nor tolerate, the long-standing tradition of dissent that has shaped Britain.”

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